5 comments on “My Little QR Code: Friendship is Magic

  1. The whole MLP thing among adults is just creepy to me. Hats off to their successful QR code. How much would you bet they have no idea how many people scanned the code?

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  3. ha!! if they are that good at drawing MLP and QR codes, how can they not realize that their website is AWFUL!!! Like web 1.0 bad. (As a side note, if you also want to amuse yourself with ye olde coding, check out A T D Lines (and make sure your volume is turned on)

    • Oh yeah, the website is pretty nasty with the pastel colors and 1997 era web tech.

      The only good thing about it is that it works fairly well (not great by any means) but decently okay for mobile. Loads quickly, and wraps without breaking. The links and text are large enough to read etc… however, it would look absolutely horrid on a desktop/laptop screen.

      On a weird, squicky level… anyone check what the CSS file is called? “Brony” sounds like something that would be called out on the Savage Love podcast.


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