A lot of my online presences include “Beach Rubble” or some variation, and I get asked frequently what it means.  I’ve been lying to these people for years now. Not in any malicious way, but simply because I could not fully explain myself. The easiest way to get on with your day is to just say, “It was the last thing I read just before I signed up for gMail: A line from Sappho which states, “If you are squeamish, do not prod the beach rubble”.

This is, as are most things, true in one sense, false in another sense and meaningless in another.  True because, that story is literally true. False because, the couplet’s resonance with me was very real, lasting in my memory for days before my choice of email moniker, and now for years, as I attempt to divine meaning in my choice.  Meaningless both because, other than myself, nobody really cares why I picked a weird name to be called online and the 3,000 year old quotation can be read a number of different ways. The most recent is also the most simple: “Do not move stones.”

Thinking about all this has born some fruit, however.  It has made me realize that one of my major interests is and has always been the discovery of the hidden, the lost, the not necessarily beautiful, but certainly interesting. In other words, I like to move stones (literal and figurative) in order to reveal what they hide.

As any beachcomber knows, the inhabitants of a sheltering rock mostly consisting of dead and decaying matter, sand and mud. Don’t worry, this is not intended as a bully pulpit of sophomoric gross-out attempts.  Think instead of this space as a gallery of the unexpected.  A commonplace book, holding artifacts, articles and narratives that currently sleep far from the bright light of day.

In addition, here is where the “production notes” and “preliminary drafts” for other projects may reside.  See them here first!  Post comments!  Tell me what you would change, what works, what I cannot say on television.

Tell me about stones.

Unless you are squeamish, then I suggest you not prod the beach rubble.


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